Review: Juggernaut App for Ebooks

Books are the true magic that human beings have created. Open a book and you will be automatically transformed into a magical world. And what’s more? They can be your friends, philosophers and guides.  I am a bookworm. I always have been and it is my habit to carry caskets of books whenever I stay. My hostel rooms were in fact used to be the den for bookworms. But let us admit. Carrying books is a daunting job and it may give you severe ache.

But in this era of virtual reality, this problem is sorted out a long time ago. Thank god for the e-books, now I can carry as many books as I want with me. And when Chikee Sarkar and Durga Raghunath came up with their new publishing venture, the bookworm in me rejoiced! The publishing venture came with their own reading app.

Yes, you have heard it right. Finally, our own Indian publishing company has come up with their own reading app where you can buy and read books according to your own convenience. Other than the kindle, I didn’t enjoy any other reading app but finally, juggernaut has fulfilled the gap. So, let’s have a look!


Juggernaut app is specially created for the convenience of readers. The main motto of Juggernaut books are to make Indians read more and this app is certainly doing in the favour of same. The app has basically four features- discover, read, write and me (profile of the user).

The first feature is the marketplace where you can buy books according to your taste. They have lots of heading in this section where the books are listed according to their genre. As soon as you sign up for the app, it will ask your favourites and the lists will be tailored according to the choices.

The second section is your library where your purchased books are stored. You can add as many books as you want and the app offers you the choice to download the book so that you can read it offline.

Their third section is for the budding writers. The app is evolving and soon this feature will accept manuscript submissions of prospective writers.

The last and fourth section is your profile where your transaction history is available and you can have a clear insight into what’s going on in the app.

Pros of the Juggernaut App

The first good thing about the app, it doesn’t eat your  phone storage. It requires only 20 MB and cab be termed as a light one.

Juggernaut offers more than 100 books in its initial stage and all the books are priced from INR 10 to INR 145. Isn’t it cheap? It also offers certain titles free for a limited time and you can purchase it without spending a single rupee.

The titles are mainly Indian though there are classics from all over the world. Some of the best-known names in Indian circuit is coming with their debut work with this app like Saurav Ganguly.

There are free titles available all the time on the app.

The app is built for the Smartphone generation and hence offers lots of feature like quick read, five-minute read. They are useful when you are waiting for your turn or standing in a queue.

The app offers books from other publishers as well. There are books from publishing houses like Westland, Duckbill and Navayana.

The good thing about the app is its readability. Fonts are good, background clear and there is no stress on your eyes. They are adjustable and you can set according to your taste.

The books are open for rating and reviewing as well. You can discuss the book and the coolest thing about it is you can gift a book to a friend too. It is just W. O. W!

But the most important feature is when you can ask questions about the book directly to the author. How many time we have wondered if we can ask or discuss a particular line or subplot with the author! Juggernaut is finally fulfilling this wish as you can ask the authors about anything about the book.

For the prospective writers, the app is shortly coming with a write feature too. Now you can publish your books from your mobile device.

Cons of the Juggernaut App

There aren’t many cons of the app, to be honest. However, I have just one complaint and that is that we didn’t find an option to mark where we want to leave the book and come back.
I would also love to add here that the app should come with more titles.

Overall, a must have app for bookworms. The app is available on both android and apple platforms.