Book Review: The Curse of Brahma by Jagmohan Bhanver

Though the book is a part of Krishna Trilogy, the main character of the first book is not the witty lord. In stead,it is the story of Amartya, who was punished for others deed and transformed himself from a Brahmarishi to the feared Dark Lord, it is the story of Kansa, who was transformed from a noble prince to one of the most evil characters in Indian Mythology.

The book is about the fate and about our choices who in turn, decide our fate. It is a book which will arise question in your the evil really evil? Is the good really good?? It also provoke thoughts on the idea that the thing which is evil to us, may not be evil to some one else. The matter of good or bad lies on one's perspective.

Jagmohan Bhanver is superb in his first fiction. I loved the story behind Krishna's birth but a little disappointed that my favorite lord is a mere conception in the book :).

However, the book can be little tired and confusing in the long monologues of various characters. Even the storyline sometimes get confusing when too many characters are giving their own perspectives. But overall, a fine experience.

The book can boast of its fine cover which is really catchy. The price is also reasonable. Anyone interested in mythology, this is the book for you.

Name of the Book: Krishna Trilogy #1: Curse of Brahma
Author: Jagmohan Bhanver
Genre: Mythological Fiction
Publisher: Rupa
Price: 295 INR
The book is available here