Book Review: Dead Meat by Ankush Saikia

Intense, pacifying and thrilling... These words are enough to describe Ankush Saikia's new noir thriller cum detective novel Dead Meat. The author who hails from north eastern part of India is back again, that is with a bang. His latest novel Dead Meat is about money, greed, brutality and human mind. it is a fast pacing novel which grips your mind in no time.

The story began with a body being burnt in a tandoor (Oh God!! How I will have tandoor items now!!! :0) and almost immediately found by police. The murder is brutal and police is left without a clue. Mean while our hero (I will prefer the term anti-hero here) is given a case of finding an young accountant by an top industrialist. While investigating the case, Arjun Arora (who is described as a hard pitched man with a dark past and broken marriage)is caught in a intrigued web. One after another character is revealed with a dark intention. Here is the industrialist's partner, a minister's nephew, the dead accountant's friends, a model and the list goes on. How he freed himself from that web and how he solved the case form the story of the novel.

It is evident from the novel that Mr Saikia has done intensive study on crime scenes and cases before writing the novel. All the crime scenes are perfectly described and you can actually imagine how the crime has happened. Sometimes, the description will send a shiver down your spine. Yes, this book is so well described. In fact, all the scenes are so detailed that in some pages you can even smell the aroma of mutton curry :) Or you can actually roam with Mr Arora in the streets of Delhi.

But as the novel is so intense and full of various characters, you can lose the grip momentarily. But fear not fellow readers!! Our author has left no table unturned to keep you engaged with the book. So, if you can not stop yourself munching on the book on the first go till its half, do not blame yourself.

The cover is enough to attract you and the price is also reasonable. Over all, the book is worthy of reading even if you are not a ardent fan of crime novels.

Name of the Book: Dead Meat
Author: Ankush Saikia
Publisher: Penguin
No of Pages: 416
Price: 399
Genre: Noir thrillere/ Detective story
You can buy the book here.