Book Reviw: Those 3 Little Words by Upasana Madan Gupta

A pampered girl. Apple of her parent’s eyes. Loved by all, Avni’s life can be termed as a princess’s life. But what will she do if her fairy tale life suddenly turns to a nightmare? What will be her reaction when suddenly the reality of life is exposed before her and she has no place to hide her? Well, this is how Upasana Madan Gupta start her latest book Those 3 Little Words.
The book essays the journey of Avni, from a pampered child to a strong willed woman. A series of incidents (No, I am not spilling beans here. DO READ YOURSELF J) turn her world upside down and Avni embarked on a journey of self discovery and realisation. A girl, who creates tantrums to even wake up from the bed every morning, gradually turns herself into a strict lawyer who fights for trafficked women.
The characters can be easily related as the author has carefully chosen the plot which has many real life resemblances. The main character Avni is loveable as her journey progresses throughout the book. You can relate her pain, her anger, her frustration and her determination. Other characters like Abhimanyu, Priya and Khushi also touch your hearts with their demeanour.
The book offers you an array of emotions... love, anger, frustration, thrill, happiness. But I felt there were certain loopholes in the narration which left me wondering if I got the right message from the lines or not. Avni-Abhimanyu’s relation also left unexplored to some extent. I personally felt that the author neglected Abhimanyu while focusing more on Avni. The relation between Abhimanyu and his father was also left untouched totally.
The cover is lovely but beacons the essence of love story while the book is much more than a simple love story. It has a strong social message and the author fully did justice to it.
Overall, a fine read. I recommend it strongly to the readers who need something more than a love story. Upasana Madan Gupta’s Those 3 Little Words is for you only!