Book Review: Unofficially Yours by Ayushi Jain

What do you think of friendship? Is it synonymous to love? Can you spend your whole life with your best friend? Do you value friends more than your life? If the all the questions’ answers are yes, then this book is a must read one for you. Ayushi Jain, in her debut novel, wrote about friendship, bonding and love and as you turn page after page, the novel did not leave a single chance to surprise you.

Unofficially Yours is a saga of strong friendship. It is a story of friends, of both the sex, who are trying to balance their new job in a new city with their personal life. They are known to break rules while in college but the one rule that was strictly followed by the gang is ‘no couple policy’. So what if someone from the gang falls in love with his/her best friend? Will they be able to confess in front of other friends? Will it break their strong bonds? Will it affect the relations between ten people? Or they will choose to forget about love to maintain their Single status?

What I like about the book

Ayushi has beautifully written about all the dilemmas about falling in love with your best friend and its consequences. For once, we all have felt something for our best friends of opposite sex. Many has already confessed and living their happily ever after. But it surely changes the equations and Unofficially Yours has dealt beautifully with them.

The story is good and fresh. There is everything, friendship, love, pain, heartbreak, broken relations and chase after dreams. Ayushi has done a good job in handling the story. While reading the book, you don’t get bored rather you get interested in what’s in the next page. The book will surely take you down the memory lane to your college days and the struggling period.
There was not a single part where you have to pause for lack of continuity. The flow is good and expressions are adequate in all places.

The editing and the cover are also good.

What I didn’t like about the book

Well, the only thing that I didn’t like about the book is the font of the letters and the spacing. The publishers unnecessarily added more spacing between the lines and used larger fronts to increase the volume of the book. The author doesn’t play any role in it and so the company should be honest in handling these things.

Overall, a good book. Do read it and you can be sure that it will surely make you fall in love again.

A book full of life, and love!

Name of the book: Unofficially Yours
Name of the author: Ayushi Jain
Name of the Publsiher: Partridge India
Pages: 264 pages
Price: INR 199