Book Review: Rukshat: The Departure by Sujit Banarjee

Life is full of surprises. It gives us sorrow, fun, happiness, love everything. As we grow, we are overwhelmed by the layers of life and its effects.

The book Rukshat is a book which documented every layer of life in 26 short stories. The stories are dark and thought provoking but aren't life itself is full of light as well as darkness?

The story

Author Sujit Banerjee has penned down the stories showcasing different characters from different strata of society and life. He has shown us the myriad of emotions of an unborn baby and his fear of coming into the life and on the contrary, he let us know how infertility broke a couple apart and driving the lady to oblivion. He let us meet a man who preserved mere articles of his beloved till the end of his life and he showed how a mother selfishly pushed her first born to sadness and a lonely life.

The thing that I loved about the book is that every story has its own universe and you can submerge yourself into each one of it. Every story provokes some unknown feelings in you and you are bound to stop and think for a while before moving to the next one.


The author has picked up the characters and stories from day-to-day life and that is what made them realistic. We have countered many of these characters in our real life. We have seen persons who were cheated, lost their child, unable to have a child and pushed to melancholy. We have seen how little compensation can bring someone back to life. The author has succeeded in portraying the characters as realistic as they can be.

The characters are well developed and although we meet them in just one story, they create their own place in our heart.

Overall verdict

Overall, it can be said that the book is worth reading. The stories throw the right pebble to meddle the emotions in your heart and let you look back into the life. Though in some places, some sentences were clumsy, I give it a blind eye. You may call each one of the stories an abstract painting and you are free to draw your own conclusion with your own emotions.