Book Review: A Guy on the Sidewalk by Bharath Krishna

Are you guys planning to move to the dream destination, USA? Is the thought if migrating to that country is lingering in your back of mind and you want to know about the actual picture, this book is the right choice for you. Bharath Krishna, in his debut novel, has hit the bull's eyes with the single strike and I am happy that he chose me to review this book.

The Things that I liked

Bharath is an excellent story teller. Apart from the term USA, every page of this book will compel you to turn the page. Our current generation has a keen interest in USA and Bharath has brought out the exact scenario. The journey if Jay is a bumpy one just like hundred of guys in our life. It is the story of a common man who wanted to achieve everything but the choices he made pushed him to the lowest limit. But he bounced back every time he hit a low. This is the spirit that made this common story an extra ordinary piece of work.

The characters in the book are good, mature and normal people. Every character is so matured that I could actually relate to them. There was no fuss over the issues, be it the central character or his acquittance, they handled everything with such grace that you came to respect every major character at the end of the book. I liked Venkat and Siri the most, specially Siri. I am more or less like her only..I just hate pep talks just like Siri ( But I never get late!!)

The other thing I liked most is that you can't predict the story. With a good pace, the book is a delight to read. The things Bharath wrote were so true and raw that sometimes I kept the boom aside and thought for a while about the issues he raised. But instead of feeling overwhelmed by the after thought, I was happy that someone has the guts to write a actual picture of the people who lives in USA. The NRI sentiments were very well portrayed.

Editing wise, everything was good. With minimal grammatical mistakes, the book is well edited and well proofread.

Things that I didn't like

First thing that I didn't like was its cover. It could have been a lot better than the current one.

The other thing that I didn't like was that the author has tried very hard to establish that the central character was constantly nagged by his inner voice. It became repetitive after some time. And I didn't understand why Jay was reluctant to decide at least something in his life. He decided to come back to India but at least the writer should give him some agenda too.
Overall, a good read!