Book Review: The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

A celebrity author. A successful banker. A loving husband with a fine wife and adorable son. Sounding too perfect to be real? Well, that’s Aditya Kapoor from Ravi Subramanian’s latest book The Bestseller She Wrote. 

The story

Ravi is one of much celebrated author with exceptional art of storytelling and the latest book is no exception. The story revolves around Aditya, his career, his family and Shreya. Shreya, the gorgeous management trainee who caught Aditya’s attention and an affair started between them. But is Shreya is really what she pretends before Aditya? Does she love him or just using his fame to be India’s next bestselling author? What will Aditya do when he comes to know about Shreya’s intention? What about Maya? What will happen when the loving and caring wife of Aditya comes to know about his extra-marital affair? What will happen to their marriage? 

Well, there are so many questions and Ravi has created an amazing read while giving all the answers. The book has a steady flow with its narration as the story unfolds in front of the readers. Though sometimes the conversation between Aditya and Shreya becomes monotonous, these conversations have often described the present book-publishing industry in India to some extent. But I personally felt while reading that reference to some fellow authors who recently judged a dance reality show could be avoided. It did not help in the story and I was quite bored with it.

The Characters

Let’s discuss the characters of the book. The story mainly concerned three persons. Aditya, the too perfect to be real author and banker, His wife Maya, and His girlfriend Shreya. The author has established Aditya’s character quite well in the initial chapters. He is headstrong and knows exactly what he was doing. He hired a management trainee just for attraction, justifies his cheating to Maya and while grieving for his wife, he managed to review his girlfriend’s final manuscript. And though he tried to redeem himself, he was unable to justify him and so does the author. I did not like Aditya a bit for his cheap antics and seriously thought that the character should be a less filmy. Yes. Filmy. I mean dude, who does confess love to his wife in a public meeting in India?

The most loveable but less explored character here is Maya, Aditya’s wife. She is a strong willed woman, who left her luxurious banking career for family and became a humble teacher who works for free education to all. Now, that’s a character who you can seriously relate and feel her pain. As Maya was adamant about not forgiving Aditya, I was happy. I told her, “woman, thank you for keeping your self-respect intake. It will show some of the men that you are not free to do anything you want.” ( sounds feminist?? J)

Remember the movie Aitraaz starring Priyanka Chopra and Akshay Kumar? Well if you remember that, Shreya is the new Priyanka Chopra here. Do not want to write more about her but it may be mentioned that her past history could be given.

Other two characters Sanjay and Diana were two well written characters and they add lots of masala into the story.

The story is too filmy to be believed in some places. for instance, when Maya got affected with Ebola, I was like 'WTH!!" It is better when you do not get to compare a book with a bolywood film. Apart from some grammatical mistakes, the editing of the book was quite good and helped the author to achieve what he wanted with the book. But the cover did not convey the theme of the book at all. And the bottom tagline on the cover?? ‘SOON TO BE A MOTION PICTURE’... well, regarding this, the less I speak is better.

Overall, the book is good and can be read while enjoying your winter holidays. Do not indulge in the details and just enjoy it as a masala bollywood movie.