Book Review: Take One More Chance by Shriya Garg

First thing first. I am a Potterhead and only a Potterhead can understand the enigma, passion, and love an adult can hold for the Harry Potter series. So when Shriya Garg’s  Naina and Aditya was discussing the embarrassment they felt over humiliated to read Harry Potter as an adult, I can instantly relate to them. Yes. Harry Potter does have that power over us.

Shriya Garg has taken the first step in the world of literature with her novel Take One More Chance and I cannot stop being gaga over her book. The book is published by Juggernaut books and is easily available on their mobile app as well as paperbacks.The writing is fresh, the book’s a laugh riot and gives you a feel good factor. I started book while I was on lunch break in my office and me literally ROFLed the whole time. (Don’t worry, my colleagues don’t bother about my sanity, they know what bookworm I am) The book is simply unputdownable and when it ended, I literally groaned in frustration. 

 Here is my view on this book.

Things that I like

The concept is good. The book is a romance but you cannot compare it with the thousand romance books that get published every year. There is substantiality in the concept and the author is very much successful in maintaining it.

The writing is very, very fresh. You do not get bored with the lines and as I said that I literally swore when the book ended. I wish it was a little longer. All the incidents in the book are like they have happened in your life only. The pressure on Naina to get married once she got the job is the reality in every other Indian girl’s life. Or the discrimination between siblings by the parents is a harsh reality in India. All these things have made the book real and enjoyable.

The book is loaded with humor and sarcasm and you can have a good laugh with it. I literally fell off my chair reading some of the incidences like Nitin singing or Naina-Aditya’s bickering using most hated characters from Harry Potter series. (Umm..I again stuck over Harry Potter!)

After reading tons of books on IIT/IIM, the characters in this book are working people and they belong to the middle-class family. You can actually know the characters, their struggle, their joy, their pain and their lives. In fact, anyone of us can be Naina, Myna or Nandini aunty. Aditya or Shreya or the other boys are exactly like someone I know from the neighborhood. They were well written and connectable.

Editing and cover are good. Nowhere in the book, I got stuck or the flow was interrupted. The editors and the writer have done an exceptional job with the book. well, the Juggernaut Books are headed by THE Chiki Sarkar, what else do you expect?

The book is available on the mobile app of Juggernaut Books and hence it can be read anywhere and the pricing is good too

The things that I don’t like

The only complaint that I have against this book is that the book should be longer. I wanted to know how Naina and Aditya dealt with their new found love. However, the end gets predictable in the middle of the book and anyone familiar with romance genre can guess it. And the incidents centering Saroj could have been avoided. That was the only part I did not like in this exceptionally good book.

My final verdict

Go for it. Read this book and let the power of love consume you once again. I just wish Ms. Garg will soon come up with its sequel or any other equally fine piece of writing. The book is available here and if you want to go smart, download the Juggernaut App and read it at once!